Module 1

Stratigraphies Design


Module 2

Building Design


Module 3

Testing and Analysis


Stratigraphies design

Carry out acoustic simulation of multi-layered walls. The intuitive interface allows to determine the soundproofing power of simple walls, double layer walls, walls with insulation layers and ceilings with counterceilings, with just a few clicks.

Refer to this video tutorial to find out how intuitive Ekos is!

Progettazione stratigrafie

  • Wall type support: single brick, double brick, double drywall, ceiling
  • Overlay type support: adherent, with frame, etc.
  • Supports up to three different materials layers per wall section
  • Extensive Ekos materials database, sorted by kind (structural, porous, treading-dampening)
  • Extensive laboratory test results (LTR) database, offering a solid base for simulation
  • Supports multiple semi-empiric formulation for R and Ln calculation, for either frequency or unique index
  • Frequency response graphs, highlighting simulation results for both LTR data, and base wall structure
  • Possibility to create user defined materials with specific characteristics and store then in a user-specific database
  • Visual representation of the wall section
  • Automated print reports generation including simulation results

UNI EN 12354 building design

Carry out 12354-1/2/3 compliant building acoustic design, with DPCM 05/12/1997 passive acoustic requirements calculation. Integration with the stratigraphies design module allows for generation of a complete technical report with just one click, drastically reducing time spent to carry out the designing phase.

Find out more about how this module operates with our video tutorial

progettazione acustica e requisiti acustici passivi

  • Verification type definition: airborne or treading noise for adjacent or stacked environments, façade
  • DPCM-based emitter and receiver environment kind definition
  • Wall stratigraphy kind selection, either from LTR database or user-dedicated database including stratigraphies designed using the previous module
  • Single-screen parameter selection (walls, joints, dimensions, openings and small elements in case of façade)
  • Simplified or detailed calculation method
  • Possibility of creating a custom LTR database
  • Possibility of adding custom LTRs for small elements and openings
  • Automated print reports generation
  • Automated final report creation, which will include simulations from both the design and stratigraphies modules, with the possibility to exclude single simulations

DCPM 05/12/1997 building testing

Carry out acoustic testing of buildings, starting from phonometric data from passive acoustic requirements compliant to DCPM 05/12/1997. Thanks to integrated Excel copy & paste functionality, and the possibility to import data from the building design module, the conformity verification lasts but a few moments.

Modulo collaudo acustico requisiti acustici passivi

  • Possibility to define new environment pairs or choose to start from those defined in the building design module
  • Measured data values importing, with Excel copy & paste compatibility